For Love of Roses...

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This is my wishlist. If you have something that i want, and vise versa, don't be afraid to let me know. I'll entertain just about anything. :)

Click on attached images to enlarge.

Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Ah! My Goddess!
Peorth (extra if she's with Gorgeous Rose)! Will Give Kidney
Celestine Very High
Urd with World of Elegance High
Black Cat
Creed Very High
Lingerie Soldier: Papillon Rose
ANYTHING Papillon Rose-related Will Give Kidney
Hartia Very High
Lye Very High
Leki High
Sailor Moon R
Black Lady High
Prince Demando Low
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Sailor Lead Crow / Karasuma Akane Will Give Kidney
Homura Very High
Kougaji High
Slayers (Next)
Hellmaster Phibrizzo (will pay major dollars for the image shown) Will Give Kidney
Mikage High
Juri (bonus if its a movie cel)! Low
Kamui Will Give Kidney

Curator: Mirai Peorth
Gallery Created: 6/6/2002