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Greetings and welcome to my little gallery. Anything I decide to part with will be in the Rubberslug Shop, so please look there!

Also, I've become rather bored and started making backgrounds for my cels using Photoshop 7. ^^ Please keep in mind that the cels have been trimmed and edited for the backgrounds! And please try not to laugh too hard at my "attempts" at Photoshop. And those backgrounds do NOT come with any of my cels.

News & Updates

12/9/2005Added a fanart sketch of my newest RPG character, Mirai Shirou. :)
11/17/2005Added a very special early birthday/Christmas present. :)
11/13/2005Added a lovely, wonderful art from Uende!
11/6/2005Added an art I'd had for a while and just forgot to scan until now!

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Title Last Updated
**Framed Wonders** 10/29/2005
Ah! My Goddess! 2/15/2010
Angel Sanctuary 12/24/2004
Autographed Goods 5/3/2005
Ayashi no Ceres 2/10/2007
Burn Up 5/22/2005
Can Can Bunny 3/6/2006
Comic Art 7/17/2005
Cutey Honey F 9/3/2005
Fanart - Ah! My Goddess 4/23/2007
Fanart - Misc. Series 4/23/2007
Fanart - Original Characters 7/16/2007
Fanart - Papillon Rose 12/20/2006
Fanart - Sailor Moon 2/7/2007
Fancels 6/12/2006
Lingerie Soldier: Papillon Rose 6/27/2006
My Little Pony 12/30/2005
Orphen 3/6/2006
Papillon Rose New Season Settei 1 12/12/2006
Sailor Moon 12/10/2005
Sailor Moon R 3/3/2007
Sailor Moon S Movie 9/27/2005
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars 11/2/2006
Saiyuki 3/16/2007
Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors 6/7/2002
Shikishi Art 10/28/2005
Slayers (Next) 10/29/2006
Slayers (Try) 10/29/2006
X TV 4/5/2005
X/1999 9/11/2005
X2 7/9/2005
Yu Gi Oh! 12/24/2004

Curator: Mirai Peorth
Gallery Created: 6/6/2002